SHIRDI SAI TEMPLE & Sri Kaleshwar University
Domestic Charitable Works
Homeless Feeding Program
Every month we get together to make 200 peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. Each sandwich is placed in a bag filled with juice, chips and fruit. The bags are then donated to the Guadalupe Community Center of Canoga Park where they are distributed to children, families and homeless.
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Stress Reduction for Vets Supporting the local West LA Vets through classes and group gatherings to uplift and Healing Clinics
International Charitable Works
Navya Shree Free Eye Hospital
In 2007, the Navya Shree Free Eye Hospital was established in Penukonda by the Shirdi Sai Global Trust and its founding chairman Dr. Sri Sai Kaleshwar. This was a major step forward in improving the lives of poor patients living in Andhra Pradesh. From 2007 to 2012 more than 16.000 eye surgeries and over 72.000 eye checkups were done for needy patients. Sri Kaleshwar also personally donated vehicles, ambulances and mini busses to transport patients to and from the hospital. After Sri Kaleshwar’s passing in 2012, the Navya Shree Free Eye Hospital had to close due to lack of funds and support, but with the help of many people the hospital was reopened in January 2014 in a beautiful new building with modern equipment.
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Sri Sai Kaleshwar Educational Trust
There are children all over India with remarkable intelligence, inspiration and top academic marks. However, many of them never get the chance to utilise these gifts, as their parents do not have the funds to support their higher education. In the years before his Maha Samadhi, Dr. Sri Sai Kaleshwar gave one hundred scholarships each year to highly qualified students who came from very poor family backgrounds. This enabled them to continue and support their higher education. We are now trying to continue the great work that he started and SSKET is also planning to support young children from poor family backgrounds, to enable them to receive basic Primary education. All donations however small would be gratefully received and will make a difference to the future of all the sponsored students. If you wish to sponsor an individual student for their two year Higher Education Course, the yearly fees are $ 350. You will be sent details of the student and their progress. All educational fees are paid directly into the student’s respective College or University. Through your support you can help to change a child’s future.
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Shirdi Sai Global Trust Medical Clinic
From January 2016 onwards, there will be a permanent medical support for the people in Penukonda. The clinic will be open 6 days a week and there will be 2 doctors and 2 nurses working and taking care of the patients. In addition specialist doctors will visit regularly once or twice a month, for example a pediatrician, a dentist etc. To keep the project running, with daily medical service of 1-2 doctors, nurses and in order to provide medicine, further donations will be needed. If your heart is open to support this great and wonderful project, giving help and relief to so many people in the Penukonda area, please find the following information for your heartfelt and very welcomed donation.
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