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 Sai Shakti Healing 108 Healing Techniques by Sri Kaleshwar Softcover $23.00 Prices are subject to additional shipping and handling costs
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For over a decade now, Sri Kaleshwar has been translating and releasing powerful Vedic healing techniques originally written on ancient palm leaf books, guiding and teaching his students to become spiritual healing masters. Here, for the first time, Sri Kaleshwar’s teachings are available in a single informative and easy-to-use guide and reference volume.


Sri Kaleshwar speaks practically and directly to the heart. His unique and informal speaking style is endearing and resonates the power and truth of his vast spiritual knowledge.


"Healing is beyond the belief system. Even if you have a strong belief, you need to break that belief, go beyond it. Then it’s called real healing."






ISBN: 978-3-940656-06-3

Language: English

Cover: Softcover

Edition: 2nd (March 2010)

Size in cm: 20,5 x 28

Size in inches: 8 x 11

Pages: 380

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