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Paramashiva Yoga
3 volume set explains in detail this system
The goal of Paramashiva Yoga™ is to meet Mother Divine: to have her darshan, to develop your relationship with Her, to gain special abilities from Her and to receive Her help to become a divine soul. Paramashiva Yoga™ is a complete Shiva/Shakti energy system. You are using Shiva’s energy, through the five elements, to pull the Mother in front of you. Shiva is the commander of the five elements. Through the experiences and energy that come via the Paramashiva Yoga™ processes you begin to understand the mechanisms of the Mother’s Creation and Her divine nature. To understand the different levels of Her Creation and the energies that structure it, you have to experience it directly. That is why during this process you start to communicate with spirits, angels and divine souls. Because you are using Shiva’s energy those interactions are much easier to handle and digest. It’s a smoother route than the Siddhi Purusha Process™. As you go through the 21 stages of this process, step-by-step your soul develops the power to handle Her energy. Through this process you come to understand the entire structure of your soul. You can decide where and how to get your own success. Paramashiva Yoga™ is a steadier, slower path to Mother Divine than the Siddhi Purusha Process™. However, your soul is charged with divine energy building its resistance power very quickly. Eighteen stages can be completed very easily between fourteen full moons to one-and-a-half years. But the last three peak stages, which bring Mother Divine’s darshan, can take a lifetime or more to complete. It depends on you, your effort and your circumstances.
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Sri Kaleshwar blessing Shiva lingams with holy ash
Atma lingams birthed by Sri Kaleshwar in a miraculous process