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Kaleshwara Vaastu Ancient Vedic Architecture & Knowledge System
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Victory Through Vaastu

We gain great support and commanding on the five elements by following the guidelines of the ancient science of Vedic architecture known as ‘Vaastu’. Vaastu is the knowledge of how the energies of the five elements affect us through the structures in which we live and work.


The reality of our times is that negativity greatly outweighs the positive. The design, placement and construction of buildings and properties is a defining factor in whether our lives are influenced in a positive or negative way. At present, most of the world is simply built wrong according to Swami Kaleshwar.


Swami Kaleshwar has extensively researched and experimented with the practical applications of Vaastu. His applied knowledge has led him to a new understanding and approach to this ancient science, an approach he calls Kaleshwara Vaastu™. Simply put, it is Vaastu for our modern times.


Vaastu brings us in harmony with nature. Through implementing the fundamentals of Vaastu in our homes, we open to the flow of the positive energy of the elements, which brings success, prosperity and happiness in our lives. This supports not only our material success but our spiritual success as well.


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