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In this book, Sri Kaleshwar reveals the nature of the five elements and how these pillars of creation make up every aspect of life. Understanding the five elements and opening a “channel” to them is essential to developing a soul’s capacity. Sri Kaleshwar gives detailed instructions on how to awaken the creation energy of the elements to purify the mind, body and soul.


The five elements techniques are the foundation for all of his subsequent teachings. Once the elements are “charged” in us, energy channels to the source of Creation are opened, an understanding of how God’s energy works begins to dawn and healing abilities automatically awaken. This book includes specific instructions on the Five Elements Process™ - how to charge our soul using the elements; how to decharge stress, depression and negativity; and how to use the elements to help heal others as well as ourselves. Understanding of the elements is essential to understanding all of the ancient spiritual systems taught by Sri Kaleshwar.


This book begins with Sri Kaleshwar recounting his first meeting with his master, Shirdi Sai Baba, and includes personal experiences of some of Sri Kaleswar's students.






ISBN: 978-3-940656-00-1

Language: English

Cover: Hardcover

Edition: fifth (october 2008)

Size in cm: 13,5 x 19,0

Size in inches: 5,3 x 7,5

Pages: 208 (with many photos)

Insert: Audio CD (Mantras chanted by Sri Kaleshwar)


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