SHIRDI SAI TEMPLE & Sri Kaleshwar University
Fire Puas for Peace
NEW & FULL MOON FIRE PUJAS Every new moon & full moon each month we gather to sit in front of a sacred fire pit. These fire pujas are designed to remove stress and regain lots of positive energy. The fire element was Shirdi Sai Baba's most important element; he healed and communicated to the divine through his fire dhuni. For us we enjoy the benefits of removing stress, clearing our mind, regaining our inner strength and charging our soul with positive protection circles. When we connect to the fire, we are connecting to the angels, divine souls, Mother Divine's shakti and Universal Male Father. In front of the fire we connect to the highest spiritual vibrations to support our lives in very practical and mystical ways. Come and join us for our fire pujas every month and special occasions. Visit our calender to see the next time we meet.