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Kanaka Durga Arriving to our Temple

Mahishasura Mardini is often referred to as Kanaka Durga. The form of Mother Divine who is a fierce warrior who came into form to bring back balance to the world by ridding the earth of the evils of the negative forces of the Asuras.

Graceful and benevolent: At the same time, this form is her after having finished her dharma and is now in her repose to give blessings to all who look to her for protection.

During this Kali Yuga, her energy is needed to support our efforts to bring dharma, peace and courage in a way that uplifts our spiritual practices in the world.


Kanaka Durga is 5.5 ft tall and each of her hands, feet and crown will have a gold plated covering for each.

Expanded area: In order to prepare for her arrival, we will be expanding the space to accomodate her and the many people who will want to come and receive her blessings.

Request for support: All the added costs of the statue, shipping and construction requires your financial support so that we can meet our costs. Your generous donations are greatly appreciated and needed for our temple.


Dakshina Murti & 9 Planets Arriving to our Temple


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